Tips for Stretching Your Vacation Dollars in Fort Myers

Vacation rentals

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or you have plenty of discretionary income, everyone deserves a vacation! However, some families shy away from vacations because they think that trips are out of their price range. Fortunately, there are many ways to take a vacation to Fort Myers without spending a fortune.

If you’re ready to give your family a vacation they’ll always remember at a reasonable price, try implementing some of these tips.

Start Saving Early

Putting aside money each week is a great way to minimize your vacation costs. When you have the cash to pay for your vacation, you won’t have to worry about paying credit card fees or other financing costs after you return from your trip.

You don’t have to put aside hundreds of dollars a month to make a difference. When you start saving early, you can accumulate necessary funds just buy saving a few dollars each week.

Consider the Off-Season

Scheduling your vacation strategically can greatly lessen your vacation costs. Everything from your accommodations to your airline tickets cost less when you avoid the busiest times of the year.

If a low cost is the most important to you, avoid the busiest times of the year, such as major holidays, spring break and other popular vacation times. When you schedule your trip near, but not during, these times, you can take advantage of Florida’s activities and nice weather without a high price tag.

Take Advantage of Your Rental’s Perks

When you select a vacation rental from Sun Palace Vacations, you’ve already made one of the best decisions possible for your budget. We work hard to keep rates as low as possible for our customers.

You can enjoy even more savings by being sure to take full advantage of your rental’s perks. When you stay in a rental property, you have access to a kitchen, so pick up some groceries once you arrive in town. Grabbing a quick breakfast or lunch in your room will keep your family satisfied without the cost of a restaurant meal. In addition, you’ll have more time to enjoy all that Fort Myers has to offer when you can prepare some meals quickly in your rental.

If your rental includes a washer and dryer, you can do laundry quickly in your space without having to visit a laundromat. Spend a day enjoying the property’s pool, or have a picnic outside instead of buying an expensive meal out.

Find Free Fun

Fort Myers is a wonderful place to find incredible activities that will stretch your budget. Few things are more enjoyable than visiting the beach, and you can enjoy the sand and surf all day without paying any admission fees. Often the only fee for using the beach is the cost of parking, but with a rental within walking distance of the beach, you can cut that cost too.

Fort Myers is also home to a variety of free and low-cost parks, playgrounds and other outdoor spaces. Spend a day playground-hopping with your kids, or grab your camera and visit different beaches to capture amazing sunrise and sunset shots.

The professionals at Sun Palace Vacations are here to help you plan a vacation that is both enjoyable and affordable. Contact us today to locate the right vacation rental for your family!

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