Take In the Best of the Local Art Scene at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center

The Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center

The Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center is a multicultural arts venue in Fort Myers that features a constantly-rotating bill of performances and exhibitions from a wide range of contemporary musicians, painters and sculptors. The main exhibition and performance space … Continue reading

10 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Fort Myers, FL

Kid-Friendly things to do in Fort Myers, FL

Planning a family vacation is always an exciting time. Check out our list of the top 10 kid-friendly things to do in Fort Myers, FL and make sure your whole family has a wonderful visit! Top 10 Kid-Friendly Things to … Continue reading

What to Do in Fort Myers in Winter? Everything!

What to do in Fort Myers

Wondering what to do in Fort Myers in winter? Due to the beautiful year-round weather, you can do practically anything. From the seeing amazing sights to visiting the different parks, you will definitely enjoy your trip to Fort Myers in … Continue reading

Your Guide to the Best Downtown Fort Myers Restaurants

Downtown Fort Myers Restaurants

Meals are a main event, especially when you’re on vacation! While you’re visiting, don’t forget to check out the downtown Fort Myers restaurants. With everything from a Southern-style tea room to fresh Mexican food, your taste buds are guaranteed to be … Continue reading

Top 10 Annual Fort Myers Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Annual Fort Myers Events

Many key factors combine to make Fort Myers, Florida, a highly desirable vacation destination. One of the main reasons is its numerous exciting events!  Due to its gorgeous weather year-round, Fort Myers, Florida, can host concerts, festivals, shows, and parties at … Continue reading